Racing Jockeys: The Top 3 of the 21st Century

Top 3 Racing Jockeys 21st Century Racing Jockeys: The Top 3 of the 21st CenturyPeople have been racing horses across history since man, well, has mastered the art of taming horses, riding them and have them run laps. Nowadays, horse racing is a favorite past time for many people as well as a quick way of earning money if you place your bets right. Though the outcomes of races are never certain, it helps if you place your bets on the right jockey riding the right steed. So, who are the racing jockeys who have made their mark in any racing circuit of the modern era? Here are some of them:

The Top 3 Racing Jockeys

1. Edgar Prado

Considered one of the best jockeys in any USA racing circuit, Edgar Prado has been gathering awards for various races from the 80s up to recent times. Born at Lima, Peru in June 12, 1967, Prado has been riding for most of his life and was even winning victories before even relocating to the United States in 1986. Prado won three successive victories from 1997 to 1999 in Maryland and seized his very first NYRA riding title at the 2000 Belmont Park Fall Championship Meet with at least 38 wins.

Prado has also been winning several successive titles after that which includes NYRA’s Mike Venezia Award in 2007, three Breeder’s Cup wins from 2005 to 2006, and a victory in the 132nd Kentucky Derby in 2006. As of 2008, he has been inducted to the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame. The same year, he made his 6000th win in his career at Gulfstream Park, being one of the few US-based racking Jockeys to do so.

2. Lanfranco “Frankie” Dettori

There are jockeys who outperform others through their racing abilities, and then there are those who outperform other jockeys with their abilities and style. Frankie Dettori is perhaps one of the best (and most famous) jockeys with an active career throughout the world. Born at Milan, Italy, in 1970, Frankie rides for Godolphin Racing which is one the largest racehorse owners in the UAE. He has also won several races in his career which includes the 2,000 Guineas in 1996, the Breeder’s Cup Turf in 1999 and the Queen Elizabeth II stakes of the same year.

One of his biggest wins, and by far his most coveted one, is the Epsom Derby which has eluded him for several years but has succeeded in winning by 2007. Frankie is also known for being very flamboyant, stylishly dismounting his racehorse with every race to the enjoyment of thousands of adoring fans.

3. Ryan Moore

Some racers are just bred to win, and Ryan Moore is one of them. The son of Gary Moore, a highly successful trainer revered in the racing industry, Gary has been training at a young age with his brother under the watchful eye of their father.  One of his momentous victories was the Tote Cesarewitch at New Market in 2002 and is followed by winning the 2006 Champion Jockey Award.

Top 3 Racing Jockeys Racing Jockeys: The Top 3 of the 21st CenturyHe also seems to improve on every achievement, earning the 2003 Apprentice Jockey of the Year for a lead of 59 wins. He also has won 4 major winnings at the Eclipse Stakes, Prix Royal-Oak, Gran Criterium and Matron Stakes despite sustaining a broken arm in March 2007 and missing the rest of the season.

Regardless of how the racing jockeys entered into the industry and what have they won ever since, it goes without saying that the best of them have pushed their bodies to the limit to achieve the topmost places in every race they join. The bottom line is one should carefully pick their decisions as to which jockey and racehorse they place their bets into. Who knows if the jockey you have placed your bets into has all the markings and potential of becoming a great rider in the industry?

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